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Human Resources

Human Resources

Human Resources Department undertakes a strategic role at Garanti Leasing. The department has a key position in the company’s strategic decisions thanks to its proactive and innovative approach.
The Human Resources Department works in coordination with other departments to conduct modern, achievement-based Human Resources programs to support the goals of Garanti Leasing..

Social Rights And Benefits

Private Health and Life Insurances are made for Garanti Leasing employees.

The transportation to HeadQuarters is provided with shuttles.

Tickets are provided to the employees for their food expenses.

Employees of the HeadQuarters eat their lunch at the cafeteria of the building.

All the employees of the Doğuş Group can benefit from the advantages of group companies, such as tourism, textile and investments in other sectors.

Educational Program

Each employee’s personal development and training is very important in Garanti Leasing. Employees are supported for getting the necessary trainings for themselves from the moment they start working in the Company. The new candidates who start working in the Company attend the “Leasing School” where they can learn Leasing from A to Z. Later, they attend trainings in their duty stations or marketing representative offices alongside theoretical trainings as interns to acknowledge the Company structuring better. After their trainings as interns they are appointed to their permanent duties.

Career Paths

Right after their training programs, the candidates are appointed as associates to their duty stations or marketing representative offices. Later, according to their performances and necessities, they can proceed to senior management level in their own or other units.


Job ads are published via Kariyer.net or Garanti.com.tr according to the necessities of HeadQuarters’ units or representative offices if they are in need of experienced staff. The duty and unit definitons are clearly stated in these ads.

You can apply for appropriate positions related to your experience and qualifications by following these job ads.

Wanted Features

• Bachelor’s Degree
• Advanced in English
• Advance in MS Office
• Completed his military duty (For male candidates)
• Adaptable to busy work schedule and flexible work hours
• Analytic and quick thinker, initiative taker and figure juggler


For the employees to work efficiently and like their jobs, the Company aims to establish a creative and developing working environment with regard to its Human Resources Policy. We aim to meet the requirements and increase the performance with domestic and foreign trainings.

In this context, Garanti Leasing applies the Leasing School, the most comprehensive training program of the Leasing Sector, since 2000. In this custom designed training program which is tailor made for the candidates who want to start their careers in Leasing sector, fundamental programs such as sales and marketing, pricing, foreign trade transactions, financial mathematics and law related learnings are presented via desk trainings.

Compensation And Bonus System

Compensation basicly depends on performance in Garanti Leasing. A very fair bonus and sharing system and a financial performance tool EVA was made applicable on 01.07.2005.

Wage rises are applied according to the contribution of the employees to company values, efforts shown about improving theirselves, their duties, sector averages and inflation rate. The compensation package consists of, salary, food and other benefits. Also, allowances for transportation, accomodation and food are paid if the duty station is out of town and a trip is compulsory.

Entertainment And Sports

As Garanti Leasing, we believe that we are a family. Because of this we put a great emphasis on the outdoor facilites. You can etiher attend the events those we are organizing or make good use of our HeadQuarters’ gym in the afternoons, nights or weekends. 

Vision:  To Be the Best Leasing Company of Europe

Mission: To Make Happy Employee and Customer Association Perpetual

Indispensable Values:

To stick to ethical principles and to respect company culture

To sustainably and continuously contribute to the society, environment and stakeholders

To serve top quality services by using the technologic developments effectively

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